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I’m more active on Instagram and Facebook nowadays

March 12, 2018

Lately I’m posting more frequently on my Instagram account and The Art of Airn LeBus on Facebook.


Painting progress since the beginning…

March 12, 2018

I went looking back at some of my old paintings today. Right now I’m feeling grateful that I didn’t give up permanently early on! I have been doodling for most of my life but only started to feel more serious about trying to improve around 2006 or so.

I still don’t think I’m super serious about it, motivation and productivity can really be a struggle for me, but I guess early on I saw enough progress or it was rewarding enough in some way that it kept me motivated to continue (slowly) making art.

I’m also glad I have photos of most of the stuff I have done since 2007 onward, it’s neat to see kind of a chronological progression, especially comparing 2007 with 2010!

(Click for large version)





Moving some stuff over to

November 10, 2010

I think I’m going to move the images of my completed art from this site over to I have a few different websites and am not sure if I should consolidate them all into one, but for now I think I will keep as my blog where I have works-in-progress and stuff, and have just for completed art.

New completed paintings and drawings gallery

April 7, 2009

I totally redesigned the completed paintings gallery and added some recent stuff. You can always get to it from the icon under GALLERIES on the top right side of the blog.

Changes to site layout, gallery, and images

October 2, 2008

My dastardly, evil, most horrible former web hosting company decided, along with a ton of unannounced downtime, to corrupt / delete some of my databases used for this site’s gallery and not have any sort of backup on their side. I of course backed up everything myself except for one of the databases I really needed for this site…sweet.

Anyway, due to that snafu I’ve changed the whole way that images are integrated here and most of the image URLs will be different now, although all the images still exist.

I have created a simple gallery for completed works that you can get to from the side link to the right or here:

To view all completed paintings, go to the Completed paintings gallery.

If you want to see all the works in progress for a specific painting just click on the correct category, for instance if you want to see all the Dream-City ones just click on that category on the right hand side or below any Dream-City post. You will then see all posts and you can click the images for bigger versions…but I won’t have all the work-in-progress images in a gallery at this point. Later I will create galleries likeĀ  “all cracky works in progress” etc.

If you spot anything that seems broken please let me know with a comment, thanks!


September 15, 2008

Yes, zoombo! Airn here, part of the Undead Nation…flying through the void, speaking in tongues, and other such nonsense. I’m not sure what to put on this blog, I think I am going a bit overboard on the blogs…I now have two that I update frequently, plus my old-ish website with all my art, and now this one…oh and also my myspace pages which I keep current: (my oil painting blog) (my oldest site with stained glass, videos and music I made, etc) (dark and creepy art, music, movies blog) (art and personal account) (music account) (this blog, not sure wot to put there)

About my painting blog

May 16, 2008
Airn LeBus

Airn LeBus

I like to paint strange and arcane scenes from mysterious shimmering dreams, the kind that float down while napping in an old Providence graveyard after eating too much ice cream. Perhaps my paintings could hang in an otherworldly manor, populated with spectral lords and ladies roaming the halls on their way to enjoy tea and scones.

I am a self-taught artist and started painting in 2007. I usually plan out my projects carefully with sketches and studies before starting to paint. I use oil on wood panel or canvas depending on the subject matter and feeling that I am looking for. When I paint on panel I often glaze transparent color over a “dead layer” underpainting. I paint thinly in short sessions over a period of time ranging from a month to more than a year per piece.

Regarding the name of the blog, chromatic black is a black-like color made from two complimentary colors, such as an earth tone and a blue…you could use raw umber and french ultramarine in roughly equal parts to make a chromatic black. I like the name since it sounds like an oxymoron – chromatic means “relating to colors or color”…so it’s colorful black.



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