White Hat after Greuze – update 2

Still working on my Greuze study, The White Hat. Here’s where I am after tonight’s session:

White Hat WIP 12-29-09

White Hat WIP 12-29-09

This is the biggest painting I have done so far, but it’s still only 16×20 inches. Maybe I am fairly close to wrapping this one up? This has progressed pretty speedily…I think I have spent about 12 hours on this, not counting the drawing part.

One Response to “White Hat after Greuze – update 2”

  1. Airn Says:

    Wow, now that I have finished this painting and changed the facial features to be more accurate, it’s a lot easier to see what’s wrong with this one! Although sometimes it seems like one thing is off, but it’s really something else or a combo of a lot of things, for example an eye could seem in the wrong place but it might actually be the nose and eyebrow. On this one it was pretty much everything – mouth, eye, and nose 🙂

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