Petrus Christus study (Portrait of a Young Lady) – update 2

Although this is only my second blog post on this painting, I have been working on it for months and spending a good deal of time on it. I’m almost done…I hope to finish in a couple more sessions. Here’s my version of this Petrus Christus painting, generally referred to as “Portrait of a Young Lady” or similar:

Portrait of a Young Lady work in progress

Portrait of a Young Lady study - work in progress

The accursed decorative silver metalwork around the hat is the main thing I need to finish…it’s really caused me a lot of bother. I would have been done with this painting weeks ago but I keep “fixing” that part, I have painted over it several times now. I’ll write about it more when I post the final version, hopefully sooner rather than later! πŸ™‚

*Update: For the completed painting see:

2 Responses to “Petrus Christus study (Portrait of a Young Lady) – update 2”

  1. leith Says:

    Thanks for your comment!
    A magic way of dealing with the metal work – once it’s painted in, of course, there’s no escaping that, – is to a put very transparent layer of light yellow ochre or italian pink or something similar over parts of it… can always throw in some extra white touches in parts to bring it up again afterwards… it depth , volume and also hides a lot of imperfections!
    same goes for the pearls…

    I said your portrait was beautifuly painted_ should’ve said drawn of course…

    Leith Ridley

  2. Airn Says:

    Thanks for this, I tried it and it helped! I think I finished this painting today πŸ™‚

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