Angel painting completed

For other posts about this painting view the angel category where I show the dead layer underpainting and etc.

I finished my angel painting on Feb 14th. It was started in late September 2008 and was meant as a Christmas present for my ma, although I knew pretty early on it would be done rather later than Christmas.
This is 8×10 inches and is oil on panel:
Angel oil painting in frame

Angel oil painting in frame

Angel painting detail

Angel painting detail

I kept track of my painting hours and took many pages of notes on this painting. Total time just on the painting itself was about 35 hours, that should be pretty accurate since I noted each session. I did not keep track of all the initial drawing and later planning though, a rough guess is at least 8 hours spread out over weeks. So total time on this was maybe 43 hours. Wow, I think that is a long time. A lot of that is learning and sometimes doing things over, as I get better something like this could take a lot less time, for instance I wasn’t sure what to do on the wings and made several fairly major changes. I initially was glazing very thin color over them, but eventually abandoned that technique for the wings at least and put the paint on much more thickly, although the underpainting still shows through. Similar thing on the crown, so many of those hours would not have been spent if I was a bit more sure of what to do.

Dust was an issue with this, especially on the small 8×10 format and with the glazing, I tried my best to keep dust off the layers but some ended up ingrained in the painting. It’s not too distracting though and it’s only really noticeable if you are searching for it under a bright light. I always let my paintings dry leaning against something face-down to keep the dust to a minimum…keeping the painting dust-free is kind of constantly in my mind as I’m working.

Glazing the face worked out very well, when you view this painting in real life it has a warm glow to the face which I believe is the optical consequence of the light traveling through the transparent top layers and through to the opaque underpainting. Next time I will ensure the underpainting is TOTALLY done to my liking, on this one it wasn’t complete enough before I started the glazing, and I had to do a lot of corrections to the eyes and such.

2 Responses to “Angel painting completed”

  1. Alexis Wingate Says:

    Airn, you are such a gifted artist. I love this painting of the angel with her beautiful skin tones so much. She has a heavenly radiance and seems like she’s a being from another world. Also, I like the jewels in her crown. It seems that it would be difficult to try to replice real gemstones, but you did a magnificent job! Keep up the good work…


  2. Airn Says:

    Thank you! For the gems I tried to emulate Jan van Eyck somewhat, I love the way his paintings are dripping with jewels and gold…definitely want to paint more stuff like that 🙂

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