Stuffs I am working on – January 2009

Here are the projects I am currently working on, I have not posted about any of these yet and felt like putting up some pix. I’ll do separate posts for each painting later too.

I am working on an oil painting for a portrait exchange with another artist, this is a digital version I did to plan the real oil version, I just finished it today. It took me a while to realize that the expression is kind of like the cracky-chan painting, but this is based on a photo so the similarity was not my doing 🙂 The oil painting itself will be 11×14 inches, on canvas for a change (I mostly have been painting on panel).

Mishka portrait digital version

Mishka portrait digital version

I’m also working on wrapping up this mushroom painting, which I have not posted about yet but have a big-ol draft post ready for when it’s done, since this was my first dead layer painting. This is oil on panel 8×10 inches:

mushrooms work in progress

mushrooms work in progress

I’m in the early stages for one that’s currently called “Dream City Girl”, I have the face painted so far but there is a bunch more in the painting and I am doing a bunch of Photoshop planning to figure out what to do with this, here is the face underpainting detail, oil on panel 11×14 inches:

dream city girl underpainting work in progress (detail)

dream city girl raw umber underpainting, work in progress (detail)

Finally, I’m still working on the angel painting which was in the last post, and another older small panel of a stern-looking angel or something, this is oil on panel 8×10 inches:

stern angel work in prog (detail)

stern angel work in prog (detail)

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