Angel painting update 2

I’ve put a few layers of glazed color on my angel painting:

Angel work in progress 2

Angel work in progress 2 (oil on panel)

This is the first time I have glazed flesh tone over an underpainting and I like the way it’s working out! The above pic has 3 layers of color on it over the raw umber “dead layer”.

After the underpainting was done (although I kinda wish I had worked on it a bit longer) I took a photo and experimented in Photoshop, especially to figure out the background color, wing colors, and how it would look in the frame it will be going into with different schemes. I have been doing that sort of planning a lot lately with several new paintings…it’s absolutely invaluable! I can try anything and not have to worry about screwing up the actual painting. I have an old Wacom tablet I use for that purpose. It’s fun doing virtual glazing over the underpainting with transparent colors and works better than I would have thought 🙂

For the flesh tone I am using vermillion and yellow ochre over the raw umber. I am keeping all layers very thin and not rushing it. I added some yellow ochre and vermillion to the clothing shadows too. Colors used for wings and jewels are cad yellow light hue, viridian+yellow, vermillion, prussian blue, phthalo+permanent rose. Eyes are cobalt blue so far. I am just using bleached linseed oil for the medium, very thin layers, and lightly ‘oiling out’ before applying the glazes. I believe that the thinness of the layers will prevent any sort of cracking or other nasty problems. Using turps or other mediums like galkyd have yielded funky results for me, I am not using turpenoid for anything (oh except the imprimatura-ish layer) at this point, not even to clean brushes anymore…I just use bar soap after a session to see if my brushes will survive better that way. Actually they have been a lasting pretty long time nowadays anyway, they used to get thrashed really fast but that was when I was leaving them bristle-down in a tub of turps whilst painting and trying to clean them and use for other colors, ugh not a good practice! Now I keep at least one separate brush for each color and one for darker raw umber+white mix, one for lighter, etc. I end up using a boatload of brushes in a session on this angel though, like 15 brushes or something crazy this last session, since there are a lot of colors and some are used for shading and blending.


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