The Well III (completed)

I completed The Well III a week or so ago, after letting it dry enough I put a layer of retouching varnish on it and here ya go:

The Well III oil painting by Airn LeBus

The Well III oil painting by Airn LeBus, oil on panel 9x9 inches, 2008

I think maybe this is the best painting I have done so far overall, and it was one of the fastest to complete! I didn’t have to make very many revisions even though it wasn’t planned out at all…although I sort of based this on other drawings I have done I didn’t sketch this out beforehand, just started painting and went with the flow. I am happy with this one and want to do more creepy landscape type scenes, I’m loving the creepy night scenes.


3 Responses to “The Well III (completed)”

  1. Dark and Creepy » The Well - A dark and creepy Lovecraft-inspired song - Spooky music, pictures, art, and other creepy stuff for weirdos Says:

    […] Yes, this song just so happens to be written and performed by yours truly. I did the painting for the song too…go to my painting blog for the full image and info about the painting. […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The Colour Out of Space, amirite? I always thought that was one of his best ones.

  3. Airn Says:

    It’s been a while since I read that one, but I remember it freaked me out perhaps the most of all his stories. My two favorites by him are Dreams in the Witch House and The Shunned House.

    I don’t know why exactly the tentacles coming out of a well became such a theme for me but I have done several drawings and a song based on that idea.

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