Changes to site layout, gallery, and images

My dastardly, evil, most horrible former web hosting company decided, along with a ton of unannounced downtime, to corrupt / delete some of my databases used for this site’s gallery and not have any sort of backup on their side. I of course backed up everything myself except for one of the databases I really needed for this site…sweet.

Anyway, due to that snafu I’ve changed the whole way that images are integrated here and most of the image URLs will be different now, although all the images still exist.

I have created a simple gallery for completed works that you can get to from the side link to the right or here:

To view all completed paintings, go to the Completed paintings gallery.

If you want to see all the works in progress for a specific painting just click on the correct category, for instance if you want to see all the Dream-City ones just click on that category on the right hand side or below any Dream-City post. You will then see all posts and you can click the images for bigger versions…but I won’t have all the work-in-progress images in a gallery at this point. Later I will create galleries like  “all cracky works in progress” etc.

If you spot anything that seems broken please let me know with a comment, thanks!


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