Cracky Chan update 7

OK OK I know 7 updates is a bit much but I want a better pic here so this is taken outside in better lighting and I fixed some stuff, Cracky Chan painting almost done booya zooomy zoom:

Cracky Chan work in progress 09-24-08

Cracky Chan work in progress 09-24-08

This painting has come a long way, if you saw my Cracky painting when I first started you might throw up and I would be embarrassed cuz it looked like garbage but I didn’t know it at the tyme. It still is pretty jacked up in some ways but when you see it in real life it looks rather sick with all the shiny reflections and gold and such so I still know that it is basically awesome and I’m bummed if I can’t get a better pic of it…will look better varnished though and in a fatty gilded gold frame. I say again…boo-ya, and I hope to post the final version in a week or so unless I freak out and change something again.

2 Responses to “Cracky Chan update 7”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Today’s is Cracky’s 19th birthday. How’s the painting coming?

  2. Airn Says:

    Oh, birthday today? That would be kind of cool if I finished it today then. I’ve been looking at it for the past week or two trying to decide if it’s done or not…I have at least to fix this one part up by the eyebrow (not present in the picture but in a more recent version), and then I am debating about trying to change a couple other things or just varnish it and call it done.

    I might actually do another painting of her later with a more old-school glazing technique that would yield a luminous, glowing feel to the painting…this was started so long ago and I think I could do a better job now if I were to start over from scratch.

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