Yes, zoombo! Airn here, part of the Undead Nation…flying through the void, speaking in tongues, and other such nonsense. I’m not sure what to put on this blog, I think I am going a bit overboard on the blogs…I now have two that I update frequently, plus my old-ish website with all my art, and now this one…oh and also my myspace pages which I keep current:

http://www.chromaticblack.com (my oil painting blog)

http://www.spectralcreations.com (my oldest site with stained glass, videos and music I made, etc)

http://www.darkandcreepy.com (dark and creepy art, music, movies blog)

http://www.myspace.com/airnlebus (art and personal account)

http://www.myspace.com/spectramori (music account)

airn.wordpress.com (this blog, not sure wot to put there)

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