Cracky-Chan update #5

Yet another update to the Cracky-Chan painting. I painted over the nose and made it bigger…necklace is new and near completion, so are the eyes, they are not done yet but I moved one (twice…took forever, I’m dumb) and repainted both of them. The hair and shirt-thing are pretty much done, so is the nose pretty much and the ears, the main stuff I need to do is finish the eyes, necklace, and some of the general face like forehead and eyebrows etc. If all goes as planned this will be the last update until I post the final painting.

Here’s Corky:

Cracky WIP 08-10-08

Cracky WIP 08-10-08

Whoa lookit that frame, damn (:O) dunno if I will put it in there, pic doesn’t really do it justice though, the painting is 8×10 inches so it’s crazy to see like 6 inches of frame on either side, and whole thing is about 4 inches deep and quite heavy…

cracky work in prog in big ol frame

cracky work in prog in big ol frame

2 Responses to “Cracky-Chan update #5”

  1. An0n Says:

    Nice, but I think the eyes need to be brightened up and whiter in the final version. They are a major factor in why she’s So Fucking Cute And Sweet ; I refer you to

  2. airn Says:

    The eyes will look a lot better once the highlight is on there, they will look shinier and whiter like the update 4 version, I just need to wait for the paint to dry before adding those highlights, partly for a harder/brighter highlight but also if I screw it up when the paint is dry I can wipe it off and try again, but if I add them while wet I jack up the whole thing (:O)

    If you look at the reference photo the right eye should actually be really dark but I am using my artistic license there :>

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