Cracky-Chan painting update (cracky post #4)

I was sorely mistaken when I said many weeks ago that I was almost done with this painting 🙂 I decided to repaint the eyes…totally painted over them. I have also completely changed the shirt-dress thing, the necklace, and the hair, something like 2, 3, and I think 5 times respectively. If I had planned this out and knew what I was doing, I would be done 5 times over by now…but that’s cool, each project I work on is a huge learning experience, especially since I haven’t been painting very long. Soon I want to start a project that I actually plan out really well 🙂

Anyway, I need to decide on this how much I want to fix and how much just to leave, I am definitely spending an excessive amount of time on this small (8×10 inches) project…I keep taking breaks and working on other stuff though and the longer I spend on it the more I want it to be the best I can do 🙂

Made some major progress on the hair last nite, titanium white, yellow ochre, raw umber, and burnt sienna with a weird small flat shader that leaves brush marks and a really mangled 0 round brush that is all splayed out…it works really well for hair! The skin tone is all raw umber and alz. crimson and titanium white.

cracky chan painting work in progress 07-25-08

cracky chan painting work in progress 07-25-08Oh I’m thinking about putting it in this insane frame I got (:B)

2 Responses to “Cracky-Chan painting update (cracky post #4)”

  1. An0n Says:

    The Skyqueen has you. Don’t deny it. This will become your Mona Lisa: forever unfinished, for it will never be good enough – CAN never be good enough – for Her.

  2. Gayry Says:

    I think it’s turning out great and has markedly improved over earlier versions.

    For the necklace you might want to consider the original pink gem choker. It’s quite iconic for her in its own way.

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