Fiona work in prog (update 2)

This painting looks scary now that she has eyes 🙂

I moved the eyes down and started workin on ’em. Had to take a break from my Cracky-Chan painting which is annoying me right now (I just painted over a bunch of it and have been sanding stuff down, etc — it’s irritating me and I need a break :)).

Here’s this one, Fiona, so far (detail). Click for pop-up larger version.

(update 07-04-08, here is a newer version:)

Older version:

One Response to “Fiona work in prog (update 2)”

  1. airn Says:

    maybe her eyes look dead and scary partly cuz i didn’t add any highlights yet, i wanted them to dry first. otherwise sometimes i screw up the highlights, and it jacks up all the work i just did on the eye 😦

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