Fiona – work in progress

This is not based on anyone real, but I’m calling the painting ‘Fiona’. A few months ago I picked up a fairly large, flat bristle brush and without planning anything beforehand I painted some funky-looking person. A few days later I painted over that for a while until it became “hair lady” with some crazy exaggerated beehive-type hairdo. Then I sort of glazed it…the painting was raw umber and titanium white; once that dried I put some bleached linseed oil over it, rubbed on a small amount of paint, then rubbed much of it off with a paper towel. I painted a cheap frame a darker version of the background color, signed it, and thought I was done. Recently I kept looking at it and thinking I didn’t like the hair at all, plus I learned a bit about eyes and wanted to go back and fix some stuff…I ended up basically painting over everything except part of the mouth 🙂

Here’s what I have so far.

Fiona oil painting work in progress

Update 10-02-08: Shoot, i like this better than the finished one 😀

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