cracky-chan update (cracky post #3)

I worked on the ol’ cracky-chan painting today…getting pretty close to finishing it. A few more sessions and I’ll be done, I think. The hair has been one of the trickiest things for me to get on this one, but I think I am close to figuring it out. I’m not trying to mimic the photo reference completely, instead I’m making the hair a bit less mussy to fit the style of the painting. I bought some indian red and burnt sienna (I didn’t have that one?!) and that helped a lot. I’m still learning how to paint hair in general, and a large percentage of the time spent on this one has been on the hair. I’ve tried a ton of color combos but at this point it’s something like cad yellow light, titanium white, burnt and raw umber, burnt sienna, and indian red. Oh I also experimented with some lamp black in the shadow areas, though I very rarely use black for shadows.

So here’s where I’m at on ol’ cracky…need to touch up the nose, finish the hair, do a bit more stuff with eyes, etc, but I think it’ll look pretty sick when done and once it’s framed and such…varnishing it will unify everything too and kind of deepen everything.

Detail of Cracky-Chan work in progress

Detail of Cracky-Chan work in progress

6 Responses to “cracky-chan update (cracky post #3)”

  1. Anons Says:

    looking nice!
    love the detail added on her eyes and necklace..

    only thing I noticed is that her hair looks a little too symmetrical =P

  2. airn Says:

    Totally, the hair looks a bit lame right now…once it’s dry I’ll do some more work on it, I’m still trying to figure it out 🙂

  3. The Mole Says:

    eBay eBay eBay

    Be sure to post a notice on Bounceme if you do; the resultant chaos will be relevant to my interests.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I dunno, her left eye seems slightly out to me. Not quite sure why though. Other than that, looking good!

  5. The Mole Says:

    Here is the latest clandestine discussion thread regarding your artwork on the secret site that doesn’t exist:

  6. airn Says:

    that dumb left eye is totally floating out in space. i have since learned i need to look at my work upside down and in a mirror from time to time while i’m working on it. i’ve actually taken a step back on this painting and started over on some stuff, like the necklace etc.for now it’s irritating me though so i’m taking a little break on it. i have spent an insane amount of time on this, re-painting the hair and necklace over and over…

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