Dream-City #1 – work in progress (update 2)

Ahh, I’m feeling much better about the direction this is going in now…I just spent an unknown amount of time (3 hours? 5?) on this…ate a scone and drank bunch of tea, then totally lost track of time as I painted. Tea’s good like that.

Lately I have been really bummed about doing this on canvas and was wishing I had used panel so I could use a small liner brush and just do details easier…but today I finally loosened up, stopped trying to nitpick with a liner brush, and do broader, looser strokes with more highlights and such with a smallish #0 flat shader. It’s very short bristle-wise, and kind of thick…if you were looking at it from the top it’s like this: [ ] Anyway I am loving that brush right now, I’m using the edge to add white highlights and such so it can do fairly thin lines, but it introduces a randomness to the application of paint that is really helping this painting. It’s so nice when you can use a brush and/or technique that causes the paint to skip around and fall perfectly onto the canvas, with little effort on the painter’s part…that’s one thing I love about oil vs. acrylic, sometimes I feel like I’m cheating when  the paint falls into place magically seemingly of it’s own will.

I’m also working more on getting over fears of screwing stuff up, as a beginning painter often I am afraid to change something because I am not sure I can put it back the way it was 🙂 I made a bunch of major changes to this one today that made me face that fear a bit.

Look at the Dream-City category to see all versions.

Here’s what I have so far, see below that for a detail a bit larger than life-size.

These parts aren’t totally done yet either, but here is some mostly-finished detail. I’m really happy about the old soggy graveyard, I dunno why but I really like that idea, a graveyard that’s kind of flooded and old like that.

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