Dream-City #1 – work in progress

I’m having a tremendous amount of fun with this one, and it’s going to be the first in a series of strange and somewhat eldritch dream-cities.

The main thing I have  learned with this one – I will never again paint on canvas without laying down some base color, I tried to jump right in and ended up with finished buildings that had little tiny white gaps which I had to painstakingly paint all over again to fill them in…very very annoying. I’ve spent tons of time on this fixing things that I could have spent painting new and exciting stuff, not only fixing the lame white gaps but also due to lack of planning…I was really making things up as I went along and kept painting over whole buildings, turning stone to grass, etc. It’s fun to be able to do that, like I added the channels of water right over what once was stone, but I want to plan stuff out a little better next time 🙂 This one was actually weird cuz I just grabbed a canvas and started painting the city straight away with some ultramarine and turps and a liner brush…just frantically sketching the city out in about 30 min. It wasn’t until much later that I sat down and decided I really needed to draw it out a bit on paper to figure out where I was going with it.

Influences / inspiration for this include the Thief series of games, Lord Dunsany, Tim Kirk, and H.P. Lovecraft.

Look at the Dream-City category to see all versions.

Here’s what I have so far. This is 14×18 inches, oil on canvas board. Below I will post the original painted sketch and an earlier work-in-progress…you can see how much different it has become. I still have quite a ways to go so we’ll see how it develops and changes…

Dream City 1 05-29-08

Dream City 1 05-29-08

Here’s the sketch:

Dream City 1 initial sketch

Dream City 1 initial sketch

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