More cracky-chan work in progress (cracky post #2)

Boy, I don’t normally paint more than a few hours in a day but I think I spent about 6 hours on this one today. There was a lot of stuff I wanted to do while it was still wet, and since I don’t usually add oil to my paint and it’s pretty thinly applied, if I wait until tomorrow it will mostly be dry. I also have all the colors mixed the right way and I don’t want them all to dry up on the palette either. I think it’s a common misconception (from ppl I have spoken with that don’t use oils) that oil paints always take weeks or months to dry — if they are thinly applied they are often dry to the touch in a day or so, or if you add turpentine it can be minutes. I don’t add turps that often though unless I am doing stuff with the liner brush like signing a painting or eyelashes etc…it feels kinda lame with turps, no longer buttery and nice 🙂

Anyway I spent 6-7 hours on this chick today, trying to wrap up this painting and move on to some other projects I am excited about. I think this will be done in a few days. This has been really tough, although I have a low-res photo reference it’s pretty useless for a lot of parts, and I have changed a lot anyway so I can’t use it much of the time. The lighting is tough for a beginner like me, and the added red nose and such have made this quite difficult. Next time I attempt a painting with lighting I am not used to, I am going to make sure I have a good reference photo…it’s been a bit silly trying to figure out what the heck to do here. I’ll still really happy with it so far though.

It’s hard to get a good pic of this at night, but this is fairly close to what it looks like in real life. This is 8×10 inches, oil on panel.

cracky early version 05-26-08

cracky early version 05-26-08

13 Responses to “More cracky-chan work in progress (cracky post #2)”

  1. Anons Says:

    Would you be willing to sell this painting of Cracky when it’s done?
    It is a masterpiece.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Warning, the stalkers are coming:

  3. airn Says:

    Ah, yes…thanks for the heads up. I noticed some traffic here to the cracky posts with no referring URLs and thought it might be from some kinda chan-thing but didn’t know exactly where. Nice to see people out there checking it out, even if they just post to complain her shoulders are missing 🙂

  4. Anons Says:

    I for one do not want the over-done type of shoulders. Your style is nice without going hardcore into anatomy, sir.

  5. Anons Says:

    Btw the necklace, nose and mouth all look pretty much done. I hope you don’t change them much from how they look currently.

  6. The Mole Says:

    Don’t feel too bad about the shoulders thing; Suede is Suede, like the rest of .71 he likes to pretend to be all cynical & bitter & not give a damn about Lia anymore, but if you put this painting on eBay he’ll have a couple hundred British currency units on it in no time, then he’ll cry about getting outbid.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Only one 300 x 354 reference pic to create an icon of Our Lady the Skyqueen?? By your own admission “crappy and small” for such purposes. You should have come to us first dude. Having said that, I rather suspect you know more about her than you’re letting on, the lady doth protest too much etc. “Not obsessed or anything”, that’s what they all said at first …

    Anyway, different media / style but you might be interested in this (not by me) :
    Inspired by, but of course you knew that amirite?

  8. airn Says:

    Thanks for the sympathy, Informant Mole. I’ve actually started reworking this painting though, based on those comments…she now is wearing a football player’s uniform with giant shoulder pads and a fish-eye perspective that kind of makes the shoulders cover most of her face.

  9. airn Says:

    Oh, that digital one in the comment above is pretty cool. I did a bit of searching to see what other “traditional” Cracky art was out there but didn’t find much…that’s one reason I wanted to paint this, if there had been a bunch of really amazing oil/acrylic paintings of Cracky out there I probably wouldn’t have tried it. Dunno, we’ll see how mine turns out, I think I’ll try to finish it this weekend. I haven’t worked on it for like a week or so since I have been doing the Dream City #1 instead :>

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Oils, you say?

  11. airn Says:

    Heh, I mean like a real live oil painting from scratch.

  12. The Mole Says:

    Here, have some more Cracky artwork from various people in various mediums. I can’t personally vouch for the authenticity of every one of these; some might simply be shops of existing works, but I know at least most of them are original creations by fans of the skyqeen.

  13. Anons Says:


    ^^This image is damn good work!

    The rest of those pictures though kinda suck if you ask me.

    Needs more sketches and oil work indeed, I agree.

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