Pigtail gurl painting – work in progress

I’ve been working on this one for a month or so, I planned it out more than most paintings by doing some preliminary drawings and such (see below). This was initially designed to fit in an oval frame, but I’m not sure it will go in there now, since there is some stuff that would be hidden like part of the hair.

This was started after I did a study of ‘Daddy’s Girl’ by Michael Hussar. I was really impressed with that painting and liked it enough that I took the time to paint my own version of it to learn. I learned a lot from that one, and I’ll probably talk about that later in a post dedicated to that topic.

I wanted the following key points for my painting:

– very pale skin, overall light in tone as inspired by ‘daddy’s girl’

– kinda freaky lookin chick 🙂

– yellow eyeshadow (dunno why i wanted to do that?)

After working on it a bit I decided that the hair and eyes would be primary focus points, especially to help with my learning. I put in some time studying real photos of similar hair and eyes to figure out how to represent them.

Ao on this I made the eyes a bit more realistic, rather than the gem-type i have been doing previously. These have a bit more streaks and stuff and I realized the pupil should not have a hard edge (duh). I just hadn’t studied real eyes enuf. I spent a long time on the hair and decided that my favorite brushes for that are a medium sized round bristle and a small flat shader which is fairly coarse so it leaves some strokes. I used mostly titanium white, yellow ochre, and raw umber for the hair. I’ve painted over it a bunch of times so I experiemented with a bunch of different colors…  it prolly has a little burnt umber and cad yellow light too. Raw umber and titanium white are the two “colors” i use the most overall in painting at this point.

The painting used to have a bright blue (I think it was french ultramarine and titanium white) background…I realized it looked weird cuz that color was not in the shadows on the face etc, so once i changed the background to match the palette i was using for the face the whole thing looked way better. So far i just partially covered it with raw umber and white (if i just say white I mean titanium white, I use zinc white sometimes but so far no use of the holy and deadly flake white).

Here’s what i have so far:

Pigtail Gurl early

Pigtail Gurl early

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