About my painting blog

Airn LeBus

Airn LeBus

I like to paint strange and arcane scenes from mysterious shimmering dreams, the kind that float down while napping in an old Providence graveyard after eating too much ice cream. Perhaps my paintings could hang in an otherworldly manor, populated with spectral lords and ladies roaming the halls on their way to enjoy tea and scones.

I am a self-taught artist and started painting in 2007. I usually plan out my projects carefully with sketches and studies before starting to paint. I use oil on wood panel or canvas depending on the subject matter and feeling that I am looking for. When I paint on panel I often glaze transparent color over a “dead layer” underpainting. I paint thinly in short sessions over a period of time ranging from a month to more than a year per piece.

Regarding the name of the blog, chromatic black is a black-like color made from two complimentary colors, such as an earth tone and a blue…you could use raw umber and french ultramarine in roughly equal parts to make a chromatic black. I like the name since it sounds like an oxymoron – chromatic means “relating to colors or color”…so it’s colorful black.



To contact me, you can comment on any post or use the form here: http://www.chromaticblack.com/contact-me


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